THA will continue to offer a Rec league format similar to last year but with the modification at the younger age groups of combining the U10 and U12 age groups.  THA will continue to encourage U8 players in their last year at the U8 level from GYHA and WSYHA to participate in the Rec League.  Members in the U10 and U12 Rec program have the ability to also participate in the Rec Select program.

Practice: Practices will be twice per week with one of those practices being a skill session lead by the Hockey Development Director.

Games: 60 minute games will be played in both Greensboro and Winston.  Age groups will combine U8-U12 and U14-U18.

U10/U12 HS Rec Games & Skills HS Rec Games Only Skills Buy-Up
Birth Year 2005-2009 2000-2004 2000-2004 2000-2004
Roster Size 13-18 +1-2Goalies 13-18 +1-2Goalies 13-18 +1-2Goalies N/A
Practices 42-44 42-44 N/A 42-44
Practice Details Shared Skill Shared Skill N/A Shared Skill
Total Practices 42-44 42-44 N/A 42-44
Games 15-16 15-16 15-16 N/A
Program Cost $660 $660 $225 $435
  • No tryouts, team selection Oct 1st, 2017
  • Jersey included in fees
  • 3 month payment plan available starting July 15th