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Important Information regarding Nomination and Election of New THA Board of Directors

By Stacey Kyser, 01/18/22, 10:30AM EST


Dear THA Families,


It's January so we are all in the thick of the hockey season, but as we also know, time flies and next year is right around the corner. The THA Board of Directors and executive leadership has spent months identifying what is needed to sustain and grow ice hockey in the Triad. We're committed to continuing to improve our programs to make that a reality, but it's a big undertaking in the best of circumstances. We need your help and your voice to make it happen. It doesn't matter if you have a player or not; If they are 6 years old or 16. Change won't happen in a bubble, or without collaboration, compromise, and insight. 


Whether it's on the board of directors, in a direct operations capacity, or as a volunteer; Your involvement is critical to the growth and sustainability of THA. Please consider how you can contribute as we move into the 2022-2023 season.


Stacey Kyser

THA Board President


Important Information regarding Nomination and Election of New THA Board of Directors

With the election of the first THA board in the spring of 2021 the composition of the board consists of three members with one-year terms, three members with two-year terms and three members with three-year terms. As we approach the spring of 2022 THA is looking for nominations to replace the three one-year term members with three members willing to serve for three years each. Nominations open on January 18, 2022 and close on February 18, 2022. Elections will be held February 20, 2022 through February 27, 2022. The board will take office on March 1, 2022 (at the March Board Meeting).


As per the THA Bylaws a nomination / election procedure was established to guide the process. The first step in the election process is the nomination of individuals interested in serving on the board. The nomination form link is included below. 


All THA, GYHA and WSYHA members in good standing are eligible to run for the Board. This especially includes House League members, the fastest growing segment of the organization. The voice of all members at the table is highly valued and strategically important.


The strength, growth, and health of the organization ultimately comes from within, from the parents and families excited and energized to actively build and promote a positive image at every meeting, practice, game, and tournament.


Do you have the professional skills that just might complement THA? Project management? Accounting? Finance? Organization? Leadership? Business? Are you a strategic planner? Do you have the intuition to ask the good and sometimes difficult questions? The THA board is looking for you.


If you ran the last time but did not win the election – now is the time to consider trying again. If you contemplated running for the board the last time but did not – now is the time to reconsider. If you have never considered running for anything like this before – now is the time to consider the first time.


The future of hockey for our children in the Triad is dependent upon strong leadership. Please consider giving of your time and talent to this worthwhile endeavor.


If you should have any questions please direct them to John Endredy, THA Vice President and Nomination and Election Committee Chair:


Here is the link to the Nomination Registration: