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2022-2023 Travel Hockey Q&A

By Triad Hockey Alliance, 05/07/22, 2:30PM EDT


We wanted to share some Q&A's surrounding our Travel Tryouts starting on Friday, May 13 at the Greensboro Icehouse. 


Thank you to those who have already signed up and for those who have not, we welcome your registrations by clicking on here


Questions and Answers:


Q: Will coaches be announced prior to players having commit?

A: Yes, coaches will be announced prior to the players having to commit. Players are given 48 hours to commit once an offer letter has been extended. Coaches names will be in the offer letter.


Q: Have coaches been assigned?

A: Interviews have been completed for the coaches. No offers have gone out to coaches yet.


Q: Will coaches have input into the teams?

A: Coaches will have some input into team members, The 5 players with the top amount of points will automatically be on the upper team as will the top scoring goalie. Where the coach will have input is on the players in the middle, players who are tied in points and in the age groups with one team, the lower scoring players and roster size.


Please note - following the meeting, the policies and procedures were reviewed for clarification. The following is an excerpt from the THA Standard Rules/Policies/Procedures. These rules will be followed. 


7. Team Selections: 

The six players with the highest scores are automatically on the team, along with the highest scoring goaltender. Remaining roster to include skaters and a second goalie is selected utilizing input from player evaluations, tryout committee and head coach. Prospective assistant coaches that have players trying out should not participate in the selection process. 


Q: How many travel teams will there be?

A: The goal will be to have 2 teams at the 10U, 12U and 14U level, one team at the 16U and 18U level. This will be dependent on the numbers at tryouts. It is anticipated that the number of House League teams will go up, but again that depends on the number of players registered. It is anticipated that the House League could see a 20 -30 player increase.


Q: What about coaches for House League teams?

A: Coaches for House League teams will be determined following the House League registration process.


Q: What if a player is injured for tryouts?

A: Contact Jeff Markham to assess the situation. The player may be able to be evaluated on past play, historical performance or a supplemental tryout may be given. This will apply for players who are only able to make one of the tryout sessions.


Please note - following the meeting, the policies and procedures were reviewed for clarification. The following is an excerpt from the THA Standard Rules/Policies/Procedures. These rules will be followed:


5. Players that Miss Tryouts: Any player that does not attend the official tryout sessions is still eligible to join an established or forming THA Travel or Rec Select Team if all of the following circumstances apply: 

• The team has less than 18 skaters 

• The player could not attend due to illness or injury (doctor certificate required), due to a death in the family, or for some other Board approved absence

• If the player is transferring from another organization, a letter is provided stating the players previous level of play and status with the organization 

• The player receives the approval of the team Hockey Operations Manager, Head Coach and Executive Director If these circumstances are met, the player will be granted a separate or supplemental tryout session. 


A tryout fee will be required prior to the session. 


Q: Will there be roster capping?

A: Teams are able to roster up to 20 players. Generally this is not an issue but for the younger teams, the ideal roster size is less than 15. In the case of only one team in an age category, a determination will be made, in consultation with the coach in order to determine a reasonable roster size.


Q: Are the external evaluators necessary if the coaches will still have a say in the team composition?

A: External evaluators will be utilized in order to make the evaluations as objective as possible. Coaches will have some say, but it will be based on the evaluations. The evaluators and coaches will work together to determine team make up. See above for further detail.


Q:Will coaches have to notify kids who are not selected?

A: This has been the practice in the past if a player with a lower score is selected for the upper team. This is not an official policy of the THA and will be discussed with the coaches.


Q: When will registration begin for House League?

A: A date has not been selected yet. It is anticipated that registration will be earlier than  in previous years.


Q: What is the potential for a High School team?  

A: The organization isn’t opposed to the idea, but the reality is that it isn’t really happening in North Carolina. In actuality the team would have to register as an 18U team, with all the 16U players playing up. Players cannot be rostered on 2 teams at once. Ideally it would be best to field both a 16U and 18U team.


Q: What are the current registration numbers for 16U and 18U?

A: As of May 1, 11 skaters and 3 goalies are registered for 16U. Players from last year yet to register - 2. 18U has 6 skaters and 1 goalie registered. Players from last year yet to register - 8. Please reach out to players to encourage registration!


Q: Are red helmets, gloves and pants still required for travel players - given the updated uniforms?

A: Yes, red is still required for travel players and is recommended, but not required, for House players.


Q: Are there enough coaches for all age ranges?

A: Yes, there were 19 applicants for coaching positions. There will be enough coaches for all age divisions.

Any questions?  Just send us an email!

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