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Team Manager Documents & Links

Are you interested in becoming a Team Manager?

The team manager is in charge of coordination and communication of all operational aspects of your Triad Alliance Hockey Team.  You are the main liaison and support between the coaching staff and the team and parents, to be sure that the season runs smoothly.

Game Sheet Scorekeeping

New for the 2020-21 season - All CHL games will be scored using the Game Sheet online App.  This will help to streamline and speed up reporting of scores throughout the league as well as ease up on the paperwork trail for Team Managers.  

General Duties....

  • Attend the Mandatory Coach’s and Managers meeting at the beginning of the season.  Schedule the start of year meeting with all parents and players.  This is a meeting where the coach sets the table for the year.  Discusses expectations and answers any questions.  This takes place within the first week or so of the season.   
  • Be a communication liaison for the THA Executive Committee to all the families on your team.  Communicate the team’s ice times for practices and games.  Keep team records such as league standings, overall team records and statistics with respect to team - performance as requested by the Coach.  Update team webpage as necessary. 
  • Make team records available at each league game and tournament. The Team Manager must retain, throughout the season, the official team roster, Waiver Forms, and Consent to Treat Medical Forms.  The association will provide this Book to you.  You must bring it to every game and/or tournament and return it at the end of the year. 
  • Schedule non-league games/scrimmages in conjunction with the coach’s request and ice availability. 
  • The home team is responsible for a scorekeeper and timekeeper. The Team Manager shall perform this duty or assign it to a parent on the team or hire someone to do this.  Many teams have a rotating schedule.   
  • Report scores of all league games after each game (you will find the instructions on the Carolinas Hockey League website
  • Handle team travel arrangements for out of town games. 



Player Achievement Awards

Zero Award - For a goalkeeper playing a complete game without allowing a goal

Hat Trick Award - For a player scoring three goals in a game

Playmaker Award - For a player registering three assists in a game

The awards are distributed under the following conditions:

1. Recipient is a registered player.

2. The game was in league competition (not scrimmage or exhibition), a sanctioned tournament or a CHL playoff involving only registered USA hockey teams.

3. The game was officiated by a registered USA Hockey Referee.

4. Eligible player categories: All players squirt and above.

5. Copy of the scoresheet is supplied with application.

6. Limit of one of each award per player per season. 

*Please note the rule stating "any games with a goal differential of 10 or more goals are not considered in the pool of games" has been eliminated.  All games regardless of final outcome and that meet the criteria above are eligible.

  • Hat Trick, Playmaker, Zero Award.  Available through Southeast District Registrar.   Submit required forms to: Jessica Westphal Associate Registrar, SE District, her contact information can be found on the forms below.



USA Hockey Consent To Treat Medical Form

This is for Coaches, Players, and Volunteers.

USA Hockey written Transfer Non-US Citizens (excluding Canadian Citizens)

Use this form if you are not from the US or Canada.

USA Hockey Written Transfer for Canadian Citizens

Use this form if you are from Canada

**If you need help with either of the Transfer forms please contact Stacey Kyser.  

The following will need to be downloaded to your computer to be completed.