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THA COVID-19 Operating Policy and Procedures Update #11:

By Bucky Dame, 12/04/20, 4:30PM EST


Important Information in regards to Revisions to the CAHA  COVID-19 Policies


The Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) has revised their policies related to quarantine protocols to align with recently released CDC guidelines reducing quarantine from fourteen (14) days to ten (10) days. No other changes were made to the CAHA Policy. For additional information the THA website has the updated Frequency Asked Questions related to the CAHA Covid-19 Policy.   This becomes effective immediately. 


FACE Mask Exceptions: CAHA has NOT approved any facemask exceptions or waivers. All members of THA to include players, coaches volunteers, parents and spectators are required to properly wear a facemask as detailed in the CAHA COVID-19 Policy. Any request for a medical exception should to be directed to the CAHA BOD at the following email address: CAHACOVID@GMAIL.COM. All requests must include the person’s full name, contact information and a document from a physician (M.D. or D.O.) that details the specific medical condition that causes the necessity of a medical exception. As a reminder, the THA can not approve facemask exceptions or waivers. All facemask exceptions must be approved by CAHA. 


All members of CAHA shall abide by and act in accordance with the CAHA COVID-19 Policy. If Federal, State and Local Orders as well as facility policies that have been adopted (i.e.: Greensboro Ice House and Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex “NO MASK – NO PLAY – NO EXEMPTION POLICY”) are more restrictive than the CAHA COVID-19 Policy, such orders and decisions shall take precedence over and supersede all similar governing documents and/or decisions of CAHA to include any face mask exceptions approved by CAHA.


We want to continue to remind everyone to remain diligent and adhere to protocols in our efforts to prevent the exposure and transmission of COVID-19. 


If you should have any questions please let Sally Anglin, Dean Christy or myself know.


Appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to navigate these unusual times.


Bucky Dame

THA Executive Director