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Carolina Lady Thunderbird’s Girls Ice Hockey Scholarship Program

By Lady Thunderbirds, 08/27/21, 11:15AM EDT


Do you know young girls in kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade that have lots of energy and would like to learn how to play the fastest sport on two feet? 


In the past the majority of ice hockey opportunities in North Carolina have been for boys however that landscape is changing rapidly with the support from the Carolina Hurricanes, local businesses and local nonprofit girl’s ice hockey programs.


Scholarship Opportunity:

This pilot program is available to 10 kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade girls across the TRIAD.


1. One new full set of ice hockey equipment (valued $300) sponsored by Carolina Hurricanes. We do ask families to donate the equipment back into the program after their daughter outgrows for future players!


2. $250 toward registration for learn to play hockey or mite ice hockey programs at Greensboro Ice House through the nonprofit Greensboro Youth Hockey Association. or Winston-Salem Youth Hockey Association at the Annex at

The commitment from the family is to support their daughter in learning this wonderful sport, ensure they attend the on-ice sessions and most importantly to have fun!


Goals of program and sponsorship:

1. Diversity: Currently the majority of youth ice hockey players in the TRIAD are white, males. Our goal is to increase both percent of females and ethnic diversity.


2. Girl’s opportunities: Supporting equal female opportunities for girls and young women in the TRAID region.


3. Community support: Supporting our youth involvement in community activities to provide opportunities to learn teamwork, discipline and work ethic.


4. Healthy and active: Provide regular exercise and skill development for our youth in a safe, encouraging environment.


Deadline for application for scholarship is October 1 st , 2021. For further information on the scholarship program or to apply please email or call below.


Joshua Zavitz

Carolina Lady Thunderbird’s Ice Hockey Director



About the Carolina Lady Thunderbird’s ice hockey program:

We are an all girl’s ice hockey program that provides a safe environment for young ladies to develop hockey skills for competitive play while building team character. These young ladies play out of the Winston-Salem Annex and Greensboro Ice House from September to March.


This season we will have the inaugural girl’s ice hockey league with teams from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The team is open to girls ages 4 to 18. Our U8 team practices locally, plays in local games and jamborees. Our U10-12 team and U14-16 teams practice twice a week, plays in the local recreational league and competes in the regional girl’s hockey league against Charlotte, Raleigh, Virginia and Greenville teams.


Our Mission Statement:

The girls ice hockey program is a collaboration of coaches, parents and volunteers from the Winston-Salem Youth Hockey Association, Greensboro Youth Hockey Association, Carolina Thunderbirds and surrounding TRIAD region. Our vision is to provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for female athletes at all age levels and abilities to develop the skills of ice hockey for competitive play. 


Each player, coach and parent will be expected to display the following core values: 

1. Kindness and respect

2. Honesty and Integrity

3. Strong work ethic and courage

4. Positive attitude

5. Inclusivity

6. Leadership


Practicing these core values will help empower our female athletes to develop lifelong skills for

their futures while having a positive impact on surrounding communities, which is our ultimate goal.


Further information and videos:

Girls hockey players in action!


Link to the girl’s website


As Fast as Her – Women’s ice hockey story