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SportsEngine tips for Parents

By G. Hodges, 09/22/18, 3:00PM EDT


Options for Following Skaters/Teams

SportsEngine Mobile App

THA's Site and Registration use  Along with our site you can use the SportsEngine Mobile App to follow your player's team.

Links to App Downloads:

Following Teams

Each Team on our site is listed in the Mobile App. 

Within the SN App you can search by Organization, Team Name or Team ID number to find your team.  The Team ID number is located in the grey area at the top of each time page. 

Use the share team link to email yourself a link that will take you directly to the team in the app.

After finding your team in the app, use the star icon in the upper right to favorite the team.

The Team list within the app will show "My Teams" for teams you are registered.


In addition to the parent that completed the registration, Family members of an athlete can be added as Guardians.  This will allow them full access to the players profile in SN. 

A guardian will:

  • Receive Copies of Email Communication
  • Ability to RSVP to Games and Events
  • Message Team Members via App or Site
  • Edit the Athlete's Profile 

Follow the link below for Instructions on Adding Guardians via the App or Website.  During this process an invite will be sent inviting the person to create a SN if they do not already have one.

Secondary Email Recipient

Add additional contacts to an athlete's profile to allow other people to receive emails related to the athlete.  This only sends copies of emails directed to the player.  It does not add permission for all SN App options.

Adding Email Addresses
1. Go to the profile tab of your user dashboard
2. Select the athlete's profile
3. Click Add Contact
4. Enter the email address and click Add