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Volunteers 2018-2019 & (2019-2020)

Volunteers are an integral part of the Triad Hockey Alliance and are greatly needed to make a hockey association run.  We completely appreciate the work that everyone does to help make our children’s hockey experience a positive and enjoyable one and making THA a successful program.

The success of Triad Hockey Alliance depends on our volunteers.  Below is a list of volunteer positions in our organization and their responsibilities.  Our aim is to improve visibility of volunteer opportunities and commitments. 

This is especially important as we continue into grow next year; please review the below opportunities and indicate if you have any interest in getting involved with hockey in the upcoming 2019-2020 season


Current season 2018-2019 listed

Executive Director – Bucky Dame

  • Reports to THA Board of Directors

  • The Executive Director will lead the development and implementation of a unified plan for THA. This is an executive management level position, assuming a lead role in the operations of the Triad Hockey Alliance. The Executive Director will be responsible for all "off ice" matters of the THA and report to the Alliance Executive Committee.

Hockey Operations Director – Dean Christy 

  • Reports to Executive Director

  • The Hockey Operations Manager will work in coordination with the Hockey Development Director to manage and oversee "on ice" operations.

Hockey Development Director – Jeff Markham (Skills only for 2018-19)

  • Reports to Executive Director

  • Lead the development and implementation of a unified plan for THA which will provide the basis to develop the appropriate skills and attitudes among our youth hockey players and coaches in order to prepare them to be competitive at all levels of play.

  • Provide guidance to WSYHA and GYHA U8 and learn to play programs.  Facilitate growth and provide opportunities for  these developmental programs.

  • Engage and work to develop the girls hockey, special, sled programs. 

Administrative Manager – Marci Johnson

  • Reports to Executive Director

  • Oversees teams manager, registrar, webmaster, communications and marketing , equipment and apparel,  safe sport, and volunteer coordinators. 

Rec League Director– Kurt Wolfe

  • Reports to Hockey Operations Manager

  • Coordinate all aspects of Rec League

  • Ensures that the team (players, coaches and parents) associated with the team adheres to the USA Hockey rules.

  • Communicate with parents and players according to the vision of the organization.

  • 3 years’ hockey experience, coaching experience preferred.

  • Prior record of organizational responsibility (i.e. youth sports organization or business experience);

  • Strong organizational skills;

  • Demonstrated commitment to sport;

  • Efficient planner with follow-through.

THA Treasurer – Jacob Dahlin 

  • Reports to THA BOD

THA Scheduler -Don Johnson/Andrew Anglin 

  • Reports to Executive Director

  • Handles facilities management.

  • Manages all travel and Rec scheduling at all rinks 

Team Manager Coordinator – Marci Johnson

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Oversees all THA Team manager issues

  • Communicates with all team managers on behalf of THA Administrative Manager.

  • Provides communication from team managers to THA Hockey Operations Manager.

  • Provide resources to team managers of scheduling issues, booking hotels, etc.

  • Oversees and provides guidance to each team manager for clock operation, penalty box coverage, etc.

  • Provides guidance to team managers for Locker room monitors

  • Ensures all team managers are properly trained and have background checks, Safe Sport and volunteer registration with USA Hockey.

Registrar Coordinator – Michelle Hodges / Paul Jackson

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Oversees all registrar issues with players and coaches for THA.

  • Makes report to THA Operations Manager of status, issues, etc.

Website Coordinator – Marci Johnson

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Oversees all aspects of THA website including but not limited to content, modifications, updates, domain, webhost, etc.

  • Oversees SportsEngine training issues

  • Provides training to team managers and head coaches on utilization of SportsEngine capabilities.

  • Coordinates with Facilities Coordinator for website communication of games, practices, events, etc.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – Vacant

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Handles all internal and external communication such as Social Media, Email communication.

  • Coordinates with Website Coordinator of updates, content, etc.

  • Coordinate with Facilities Manager of schedule changes, etc.

  • Provides and manages surveys.

  • Provides reports to THA Administrative Manager on as needed basis.

Equipment / Apparel Coordinator – Marci Johnson/Matt Gilmore

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Oversees the procurement of all equipment and apparel for the organization.  This includes but not limited to jerseys, pucks, warm-ups etc.

  • Coordinates with Team Managers and Head Coaches

  • Provides reports and updates to THA Administrative Manager on as needed basis.

Safe-Sport Coordinator – Vacant

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Provides education of Safe Sport to THA membership.

  • Coordinates any allegations of misconduct.

  • Coordinates with Registrar coordinator on Safe Sport certification requirements.

Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant

  • Reports to Administrative Manager

  • Oversees all volunteers within the organization.

  • Coordinates with team managers, coaching development coordinators, and tournament coordinator of assistance in the use of volunteers.

Disciplinary Action Committee – Steve Genaway

  • Committee of no less than three members of the THA and appointed by the Hockey Operations Manager.

  • Members should consist of at least one parent and one coach

  • Reports to Hockey Operations Manager

  • Coordinates and makes recommendation to Hockey Operations Manager of suspensions and disciplinary actions.  Recommendation is then forwarded to Executive Committee

  • Oversees code of conduct policy for THA membership.

Referee Coordinator – Don Johnson

  • Reports to Hockey Operations Manager

  • Negotiates rates and contracts with referee associations.

  • Makes recommendation to THA Executive Committee of structure and process for referee program for upcoming season.

  • Handles all referee complaints from Head Coaches.

  • Provides feedback to Referee Associations.

  • Provide resource to Disciplinary Action Coordinator dealing with referee issues.

  • Works with Facilities Coordinator for home games and tournaments schedule coverage.

  • Has purchasing authority on behalf of THA for budgeted referee expenses.

  • Authorizes payments and approves bills for THA Controller.

  • Provides report for THA Hockey Operations Manager.

Sponsorship / Grant Coordinator – Vacant

  • Reports to Marketing Coordinator

  • To recruit corporate sponsorship for organization and other fundraising activities.

  • Oversees the application of all grants.

  • Provides updates to the THA Administrative Manager of status of application and the awards for grants.

  • Oversees the execution of grant fulfillment.

  • Provides status updates to THA Administrative Manager.

Tournament Coordinator – Marci Johnson

  • Reports to Hockey Operations Coordinator

Head Coaches – See THA Website for Listing of 2018-19 Head Coaches